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Taste is a number one purchase motivator for most global consumers, so we make sure our fibres have a clean taste as well as a neutral colour. They can also be easily blended into food and beverages to provide key functional benefits such as mouthfeel in beverages and binding cohesion in bars. As well as supporting gut and digestive health, our portfolio of fibres offers fat, sugar and calorie reduction, lower glycemic response, exceptional digestive tolerance and cholesterol management.

We work in partnership with you to respond to consumers’ changing tastes. From creating a new line of products to reformulating an existing line or launching a line extension, we can help you formulate the perfect product.



Changing lifestyles and increased life expectancy are leading to an increased awareness of the importance of fibre in the diet.
Kavita Karnik PhD
Director, Nutrition Innovation & Commercial Development

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We offer soluble fibres that provide exceptional taste, colour and texture, and ease of use across diverse bakery applications. They can also help to promote a selection of nutrition benefits, and some are often used in “no sugar added” and “sugar-free” baked goods.

The neutral taste and added benefits of our fibres are ideal for beverage manufacturers looking to increase brand appeal and expand in the health-drink category. If you’re looking to improve body, mouthfeel and texture in sugar reduced products, we can provide you with the right solutions.

Our portfolio of fibres can help you create delicious and creamy dairy products that consumers will love; from prebiotic and bone health benefits to a creamy mouthfeel and smooth texture in reduced-fat dairy products, the possibilities are vast.

Clean on taste and neutral in colour, our fibre portfolio can be used to help you create enriched, vegan, clean- label and reduced-fat/calorie products.

Our fibres can be applied across a variety of your formulations. Their clean taste and texture and neutral colour are ideal for use in a range of soups, sauces and dressings.

STA-LITE® Polydextrose is an easy-to-use soluble fibre that imparts little to no colour or off flavour. It provides the mouthfeel and texture of sugar, making it an ideal alternative in products that offer reduced sugar and calories. STA-LITE® Polydextrose his low calorie and provides process and acid stability. STA-LITE® Polydextrose has excellent digestive tolerance and helps to promote a lower rise in post-meal blood glucose when it replaces sugars in foods and beverages.

PROMITOR® Soluble Fibre is a corn based soluble fibre with over two times the digestive tolerance of inulin, reducing the possibility of digestive discomfort and increasing consumer satisfaction. Its high fibre content makes PROMITOR® Soluble Fibre ideal for use at lower inclusion levels to reach nutritional targets while ensuring consumer acceptance and comfort. PROMITOR® Soluble Fibre is an excellent choice for adding back the bulk and viscosity of nutritive sweeteners in reduced sugar products, enabling manufacturers to improve viscosity and mouthfeel.

PromOat® Beta Glucan is a soluble oat bran fibre, extracted from wholegrain oats without the use of chemicals. PromOat® Beta Glucan is a source of beta glucan, the dietary fibre in oat bran that provides important functional and health benefits. In the body, oat beta glucan helps to maintain healthy blood cholesterol levels. PromOat® Beta Glucan can give consumers access to heart-healthy foods and beverages. Its beta glucan content is as high as 32%, which makes it easy to achieve daily dosages required for specific health benefit claims. It is a versatile functional ingredient, appealing to consumers and manufacturers alike.

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Latest Fibre News

Latest Fibre News

Meeting Consumer Demands for Increased Fibre

Learn more about how our soluble dietary fibre portfolio can help manufacturers meet consumer demand for delicious products that close the fibre gap.

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